Freeway by Syntonic℠ Now Available on the App Store℠ and on Google Play™ to Provide Consumers With Access to Rich Web Properties and Content Without Affecting Their Wireless Data Plans

SEATTLE — (Oct. 28, 2014) — Syntonic, a sponsored data and connected services provider, today announced the commercial launch of Freeway by Syntonic, a new service that provides consumers with unlimited access to select mobile content, and that Expedia’s online travel site,, and the new movie Frank vs. God are among the brands initially participating Freeway by Syntonic pairs mobile content with 4G network connectivity to provide consumers access to free and premium mobile content without affecting their data plans.

Freeway by Syntonic is supported on Android and iOS mobile devices, including the Apple iPad and the iPhone 6. This new cross-platform capability will further expand consumer access to free and premium mobile content—when and where they want it. The new Syntonic sponsored data service is now commercially available, free of charge, beginning with eligible AT&T mobile subscribers on iOS and Android mobile devices.

“Expedia and other content providers are now openly recognizing the business value of content bundled with 4G connectivity,” said Syntonic CEO Gary Greenbaum. “In addition to major content brands, our Freeway by Syntonic service continues to gain interest from mobile carriers in the U.S. and abroad, device manufacturers, and content owners such as online retailers, drugstores, game publishers and others. It’s clear to us that they understand the benefits and emerging business opportunities that our technology platform can bring to the entire wireless ecosystem and their customers.”

The new Syntonic service is powered by the company’s Connected Services Platform, a cloud-based content delivery and access system that also serves as the underlying platform for Syntonic’s other technology and business model solutions.

Freeway gives content providers new opportunities to generate greater use of their mobile assets, leading to increased revenue through content purchases, third-party advertising, premium upgrades, digital and physical goods transactions, and more., one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites, is the first travel service to offer its support and participation as a Freeway sponsored content provider.

Frank vs. God

For other content owners and providers, including smaller companies, Freeway can expand their reach and help them promote their brand and unique content through new customizable marketing channels that target specific audiences.

Take, for example, BBA Studios and the movie trailer for its new award-winning, faith-friendly comedy Frank vs. Godstarring Henry Ian Cusick (most beloved as Desmond on ‘LOST’).

“As an independent studio with limited marketing resources we struggle getting broad attention for our films,” commented Scott Schill, producer. “Syntonic opens up a cost-efficient content delivery and promotional channel for broadly distributing our film trailers and engaging our audience, which we think will help drive more movie goers to the theater for our new film Frank vs. God.”

Freeway sponsored content delivery is easily deployed, and requires no changes to either the content or its delivery network. Syntonic’s easy-to-use administrative portal makes updating content, changing offers, evaluating data usage, and other tasks simple and fast.

It’s easy to experience Freeway by Syntonic for accessing content. Download it on the App Store or on Google Play today.

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Syntonic is a platform service provider that bundles content with 4G connectivity to enable content-models for monetizing access on mobile devices. Syntonic provides multicarrier sponsored data, and other connected services, that create new revenue opportunities for content publishers, applications developers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, system providers, and others in the mobile value chain. As an in-network, cloud-managed service, the Syntonic Connected Services Platform supports any network application and mobile computing device without requiring any modifications to the device, application, or delivery network. For more information on how Syntonic can enhance your business, please contact:


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