Nationwide AT&T Customers Receive Free LTE Access to the official CES Conference Site Without Incurring Data Charges

Seattle, WA – January 5, 2016 – Syntonic, a mobile Connectivity as a Service provider, today announced that AT&T customers will have free mobile data access to the CES conference site using Freeway by Syntonic, the company’s sponsored data application. Using the app, AT&T customers can access the CES site on their mobile device without the data usage counting against their monthly data allowance. The service will be available nationwide to over 60 million eligible AT&T customers including those attending CES, which takes place January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Freeway by Syntonic represents the first sponsored data access for the conference. To get Freeway by Syntonic, AT&T subscribers can download the app on Google Play or on the App Store.

Sponsored data, which allows brands to pay for mobile data usage on behalf of an individual mobile subscriber, is set to takeoff in global markets over the next several years, especially those where the cost of mobile data is high relative to wages. The service increases reach and opens up a host of new acquisition, engagement, and monetization opportunities that didn’t previously exists such as sponsored advertising, which some experts estimate will make up 23% of mobile ad spend by 2017. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have already launched, or are in the process of launching, sponsored data offerings in the United States. Outside North America, where pre-paid mobile data plans force data rationing, the market opportunity for sponsored data is even more significant.

Using Freeway by Syntonic, eligible AT&T customers gain unlimited access to a growing number of premium applications and content, all without incurring data charges. CES marks the first tradeshow with sponsored data services supporting its conference site. This year’s show is expecting upwards of 170,000 attendees who can download Freeway by Syntonic to access the official CES site free of any data charges. To inform the customer that content is sponsored, an AT&T Sponsored Data notification is displayed to signify that the content is sponsored.

“Sponsored data is transforming the way mobile data is consumed and monetized, especially in Asia where pre-pay data usage is at a premium and preciously rationed,” said Gary Greenbaum, cofounder and CEO of Syntonic. “Carriers in the US and abroad are just beginning to realize this market potential. CES provides a unique opportunity to showcase the power of sponsored data solutions that will expand geographically and by user-base exponentially in 2016.”

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