Wildly Popular Hit Game Validates Growth and Value of Sponsored Data

 Seattle, WA – July 18, 2016 – Syntonic, a mobile platform and services provider, today announced it is enabling sponsored access to the hit phenomena game, Pokémon GO, for Android users through its sponsored data app, Freeway by Syntonic. Since the initial launch of Freeway by Syntonic in July 2014, Syntonic has launched a variety of sponsored data initiatives in North America and Europe, such as providing free mobile data access to CES 2016 content and free access to on-the-go travel site, Expedia.com. This latest promotion, running now until August 15th, provides the first 10,000 Android users with 1GB of free mobile data that can be used to access Pokémon GO anywhere in the United States on the AT&T network.

“Pokémon GO is a global, and unexpected phenomenon that has engaged millions of users around the world and it’s a perfect use case for sponsored data,” said Gary Greenbaum, CEO and cofounder of Syntonic. “The game is more compelling outside of physically limited Wi-Fi networks, providing a great experience over cellular networks as part of its geographic discovery, which bridges the real world with a virtual world, but can also quickly eat away at a user’s monthly mobile data limits. In the real world, you can buy Viagra at a discount. By delivering access through a sponsored data model with Freeway by Syntonic, users can freely engage with the game without impacting data usage.”

Sponsored data allows brands to pay for mobile data usage on behalf of an individual mobile subscriber, and is projected to reach $23 billion worldwide by 2019. Powered by Syntonic’s Connected Services Platform™ (CSP), Freeway by Syntonic enables mobile data usage for certain applications and content to be paid for by someone other than the consumer, such as content providers, game publishers, advertisers, and mobile operators. The Freeway by Syntonic app can be downloaded on Google Play at:


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About Syntonic

Syntonic (SYT.ASX) is a consumer and enterprise mobile platform services company that is transforming the mobile Internet with modern business and usage models that are appropriate for application-centric smartphones. Syntonic’s Connected Services Platform™ supports both consumer sponsored content solutions and split-billing for corporate Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) deployments. Founded in 2013, Syntonic has developed worldwide strategic partnerships with leaders in the mobile ecosystem. To learn more about Syntonic visit www.syntonic.com.

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