Traditional data plans are no longer a sustainable business model for mobile operators. ARPUs are falling and customer loyalty is a challenge. Revenue growth requires new ideas and monetization models to realize the full value of operator investments.

How did we get here? Consumer behaviors and the value of data plans are rapidly changing. It’s apparent that consumers value apps and content; not data. We live in an app-centric world and demand for content is showing no signs of abating.

After a hiatus, there’s been a recent surge in unlimited data plans as a stop-gap. But unlimited data plans are an expensive and inflexible one-size-fits-all remedy that doesn’t work for millions of consumers.

Consumers that hit the data wall have had limited choices:
• Move their data plan to a higher tier
• Pay a surcharge for another GB of data (if the consumer’s plan even enables purchasing another GB of data)
• Switch to a less expensive operator
• Disconnect from anytime, anywhere cellular access and dwell solely on Wi-Fi
• Live without the content they want

Freeway Overpass ensures that operators retain network value with new ways to monetize consumers, grow APRUs, deepen consumer relationships, and increase loyalty – bridging the gap between consumer’ desires and the data wall.

Freeway Overpass provides consumers the flexibility to personalize their app and content needs with unlimited data for the apps they want.

It’s easy, secure, and reliable to enable operator networks with Freeway Overpass.

Freeway Overpass provides operators an opportunity to stem lost value with content-centric business models that can grow revenue, and provide differentiated offers to consumers.