Syntonic was presented with a Best Mobile App Award in the Social/Lifestyle category for Freeway Overpass. The distinguished BMA gold award was granted in recognition of Freeway’s innovative approach to mobile content offers. In the U.S. alone, wireless users are expected to consume more than 6 gigabytes of data per month by 2018, up from an average of 4 gigabytes last year. However, data plans tend to be confusing, expensive, and leave consumers locked into one-size-fits all contracts. As usage continues to climb, more and more consumers are surprised by the limitations of their data plans. They’re looking for options to balance their insatiable appetite for content with a reasonable cost.

To bridge the gap, Syntonic launched Freeway Overpass – giving consumers the opportunity to unlock unlimited access to a wide-range of apps, and the option to personalize their experience around the mobile content and apps they want and use. Available for iOS and Android, Freeway features a variety of offers and unlimited data solutions for consumers around the globe – including a range of ad-based, sponsored, and, now with the introduction of Freeway Overpass, paid offers.

Currently available for U.S. consumers, and launching in additional markets in 2018, Overpass provides an avenue for users to directly pay for one day, one week, or one month of unlimited access to specific apps and groups of apps. This unique offering not only helps consumers to augment their data plan, it enables them to structure their mobile data access around the content they use and care about most through on-demand, in-app purchases of unlimited data experiences.

BMA applies a non-biased process to select the best mobile app award winners via a committee of highly experienced app designers and developers. These leaders of the industry are dedicated to uncovering the next big player in mobile applications.