Freeway Mobile Star Award

Syntonic is honored to have Freeway recognized with a “Best of 2017” award in the annual Mobile Star Awards program. The prestigious award was granted in the “Money Saving App” category, and reflects the global consumer benefits of Syntonic’s widely popular consumer application.

The Mobile Star Award specifically highlighted Freeway’s flexible consumer benefits, including sponsored data and unlimited data offers.

Freeway’s content services provide sponsored access to mobile apps and content in emerging markets where the costs of mobile data is prohibitively expensive relative to wages. Freeway enables a sponsor – a brand, an advertiser, a publisher, an app developer, or a mobile operator – to pay for the mobile data required to access an app or content. By sponsoring access to the mobile content, the sponsor can deepen their engagement with consumers that would otherwise be unlikely to discover or explore. App developers can use Freeway to build brand awareness, acquire, engage, and monetize consumers. In exchange, the consumer gets free access to the content they want.

In September, Freeway was updated in the U.S. to support one time and recurring paid offers of unlimited data for individual apps and bundles of apps. “Freeway Overpass” enables consumers to flexibly go beyond their data plan and purchase app-specific unlimited data offers for a day, a week, or a month. Also included are free trials. By allowing consumers to personalize their mobile experience with the apps and timeframes they want, they can save money. Freeway Overpass lets consumers listen, watch, share, and play more.

Since 2001, the Mobile Star Awards program has showcased the best products in categories covering consumer mobile apps, mobile devices, enterprise mobile services, technology visionaries, and success stories. Nominees and winners are chosen by the mobile-savvy followers of

More information about the Mobile Star Award given to Freeway can be found here.