Geolocation App Tô Aqui, Children’s Language Course Kidsa and Service Troco Simples Already Being Offered by Major Carriers Operating in Brazil

São Paulo, BRAZIL – May 6, 2019 – Syntonic, which provides solutions to increase the profitability of carriers and content providers, has just added three new applications to its portfolio available to carriers operating in Brazil: app Tô Aqui, which allows users to see the location of family and friends; Kidsa, an online language course for children aged two to eight; and Troco Simples, which enables customers to use the change from their retail shopping to get additional data and minutes. Customers can buy the apps directly from their carrier, with direct debit from their accounts enabled by the Syntonic platform.

According to Ricardo Cidale, Syntonic’s Vice President for the Americas, the integration of the new apps into Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform is part of the company’s strategy to provide carriers with high quality content and services, which they can sell directly to their customers. In addition to providing the applications to be offered as white label products, Syntonic manages the sale of the services to the end consumer, including processing payments via direct debit from customers’ accounts or credit reduction.


Ricardo Cidale, VP Americas, Syntonic

“Syntonic has been helping carriers around the world generate new revenue by participating in the app economy, which already represents billions of dollars globally,” said Cidale. “Our mission is to deliver high-quality apps and content that make a difference to the consumer and that have a high sales potential within each carrier’s customer base. Syntonic’s differentiators include extensive use of data analytics, market intelligence and alternative media. The three new apps we released are aligned with that and are already being adopted by the main carriers operating in Brazil.”

New Partnerships

Also marketed as Tô Chegando or Radar (the name of the service may vary from carrier to carrier), Tô Aqui’s target audience is families and groups of friends who want to track the location of each of the members in real time. Using geolocation technology, the app, which was developed by ProUser Apps, stands out for its ease of use and values the privacy and security of users.

The only complete app-based English course, Kidsa teaches children aged 2 to 8 in a fun and stimulating way. The course is based on the modern CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology, which enables children to learn the language by experiencing everyday situations. For each topic, new words and grammatical structures are presented, always revisiting previously covered content in order to ensure that children retain what they’ve learned.


Troco Simples is an innovative solution to solve the growing problem of lack of change in shops. The app works in a very simple way: by using Troco Simples, a business can give the customer the ability to associate their change to their Social Security Number. By buying the service directly from their carrier, end customers can use their balance to get more data or minutes. If the balance is not used, it stays in their Troco Simples account or can be transferred to the customer’s bank account.


About Syntonic

Founded in 2013, Syntonic Limited (SYT.ASX) is a US-based software company that operates globally and is listed in Australia. The company has been operating in Brazil since 2018 with headquarters in São Paulo and an office in Porto Alegre. Carriers around the world use Syntonic’s platforms to generate new revenue streams from mobile data and applications. Syntonic’s award-winning software, services and support include mobile advertising, content monetization and online sales of applications and content. To learn more, visit

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