The Challenge of Penetrating Underserved Markets

Simply managing subscriptions and transactions is not enough anymore.

Premium Content Disconnect

Simply managing subscriptions is not enough anymore. The challenges for premium content owners include:

Integration, coordination, and execution of all the necessary activities to launch mobile-optimized content

Expertise in technology, mobile payment, marketing, and distribution

Local knowledge and internal resources to capture new revenue opportunities.

As a result of these challenges, branded premium content is often not made available to mobile audiences in underserved markets.

These markets represent over one billion smartphone consumers in Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

There are 1 billion smartphone users in underserved markets

Core Activities

There are myriad, complex activities that need to be integrated for full successful execution:

Content Activities

Customer journey

Content productization and management

Copyright protection


Customer Acquisition

Promotion and advertising


Analytics and optimization


Billing – DCB, credit card, others

Fraud detection and mitigation

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Syntonic Solution

Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform provides a full-service end-to-end content monetization solution:

Content Services

Syntonic sources, provisions and distributes content to mobile customers.

Mobile Advertising

Syntonic acquires customers via mobile advertising and generates ad revenue from content.


Syntonic handles billing and payment settlement with tools and management for the entire customer lifecycle. Configurable for local requirements.

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