Captive Portal

Monetize Zero-Balance Customers

Sophisticated carriers and WiFi providers are rolling out captive portals that provide reach and visibility to advertisers and reward mobile customers with what they want most: FREE Internet

The Problem

Millions of Consumers Run Out of Mobile Data Every Month

In many emerging markets, an estimated 40% or more mobile subscribers hit a zero data balance at least once.

When consumers run out of data, they are not generating any revenue for the carrier and are more likely to churn.

But… carriers and WiFi providers also possess a captive audience and one of the most desired channels for branded advertisers.

The Opportunity

Ad-Suported Content, Apps and Services

While most operators have captive portals where consumers can buy more data, there have been limited ad-supported options deployed.

Building an ad-supported captive portal is hard – carriers and WiFi providers must build an ad sales team and then go out and sell sponsorships.

Syntonic Captive Portal™

Generate Ad-Supported Revenue

Keep zero-balance customers engaged and generate incremental revenue at the same time.

With Syntonic, mobile and WiFi operators can provide ad-supported access to virtually any website and content, without the expense or effort of individual content deals and building up an ad sales team.

Syntonic connects operator-curated content with leading ad networks to deliver pre-roll video or banner advertising.

All with no modifications to browsers or the network.


Generate incremental revenue

Increase traffic, usage, loyalty and ARPU

Provide sponsored access to virtually any website or content

Create custom curated premium content options based on your audience

Control the experience with defined duration or frequency

No need for individual content deals

No need for advertising sales force

Fast implementation – go live in weeks


How it Works

Your branded Captive Portal offers data-free websites

User sees an optional pre-roll video ad

User now has access to browse zero-rated website

Data-free website

Opportunity for Public Wi-Fi Providers

Public WiFi providers in airports, train stations, cafes or other public spaces can now offer ad-supported access to their menu of revenue options.

Pre-roll video and banner advertising can be deliver valuable impressions and high CPMs to a captive audience.

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