Content Monetization

Introduce and upsell customers to popular apps and content

The Syntonic Content Monetization Suite

A set of services and solutions including micro tariff plans, subscriptions and content bundles that enable carriers and content providers to monetize apps, games, sports and other premium content. Consumers can choose fixed-rate, one-time or recurring plans for a day, week, month or any duration.

Content Monetization

In the age of Netflix, Amazon Prime and scores of others, content subscriptions are no longer novel. Consumers have proven they are willing to pay for their favorite premium content, delivered reliably and conveniently to their smartphone on demand.

Micro Tariff Plans

Running out of data is both inconvenient for the subscriber and a lost opportunity for the operator.

Always provide customers with options to keep their data plan going. Micro tariff packages can be tailored based on time, data blocks or other combinations.


Provide easy and convenient ways for customers to purchase and engage with premium apps and content.

Pricing can vary based on duration and details of the app or content, giving consumers an alternative to buying blocks of data and unexpectedly running out. With subscriptions, they’ll continue to have unlimited access to the content during the purchase period.

Content Bundles

Create and offer curated content bundles for specific audience segments. Content bundles of games, sports, news, or entertainment content can be packaged and sold directly to subscribers.

Bundles can be configured and priced based on duration, amount of content or other variables.

The Content Monetization Suite is part of Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform, a set of integrated services and technologies that enable increased ARPU across the entire customer lifecycle – awareness, acquisition, engagement and monetization.

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