Partnering for Success

We are a true partner – not just a transaction company.

We Share the Risk, You Share the Profits

We work with you to optimize your content offerings specifically for a mobile audience. We then market your content and manage customers throughout the entire the lifecycle. We both share in the success. This is why we are very selective on who we partner with.


Customer journey

Product management

Optimization for mobile

Copyright protections



Promotion and advertising





Billing – DCB, credit card, debit card, others

Fraud detection and mitigation

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Sample Global Media Partners

FOX Sports Gol

Fox Sports partners with Syntonic to deliver and monetize video highlights and other select soccer content in Brazil. With Fox Sports Gol, consumers can:

Watch videos and follow everything that happens in the soccer world in Brazil.

Goal alerts and video notifications from your favorite team.

Enjoy the best of Coa Libertadores and best championships in the world.

Special FOX Sports Gol content and news.

Pick winners and track your success.

Verizon + NFL

Syntonic successfully deployed sponsored data and other services to deliver live NFL video to over 30 million Verizon customers.

Scalable: Over 110 PB of content delivered
Geography: North America
Time to Market: Less than 3 months
Extensible: Compatible with 14 Android models

Vodacom + TurnUp Music

TurnUp Music is a new music streaming and sharing service focused on local music and artists. Syntonic helped TurnUp launch and drive trial and customer acquisition.

Scalable: Available to over 20 million Vodacom users
Geography: South Africa
Time to Market: Less than 1 month
Services: Data-free website, app usage, first 500MB free to use, music uploads, rewards

Abril Group

Abril Group is one of the largest and most influential traditional content and distribution groups in Latin America.

Abril has partnered with Syntonic as it transitions to digital platforms. Syntonic helped to productize and optimize Abril’s leading magazine titles for a growing mobile audience in Brazil.

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