Mobile Advertising

Generate revenue with ad-supported access to apps, website and content

The Syntonic Mobile Advertising Suite

Carriers possess one of the most desired channels for advertisers. With Syntonic, advertisers can sponsor access to premium third-party websites, streamed programming, games, apps and other premium content.

The Mobile Channel

The mobile channel – the channel you own, support and service – offers advertisers a desirable audience and engagement platform. With Syntonic, advertisers can sponsor access to live events, streamed programming, movie premieres, video games, social media apps, podcasts or any other content with high consumer appeal on your network.

Video and Banner Advertising

Provide ad-supported access to virtually any website and content.

Syntonic connects carriers with advertisers via any ad network, including pre-roll video and banner ads.

Sponsored Data

Give subscribers data-free access for apps, websites or content.

Sponsored data is a powerful acquisition and engagement tool – providing users with cost-free ways to trial and interact with apps and branded content.

Data Rewards

Advertisers can reward users with free data based on a completed action or goal. These can include:
• Downloading or using an app
• Watching a video clip
• Filling out a form or survey

Data rewards are a powerful engagement tool. They can be any amount and have time-based restrictions or other specific conditions.

The Mobile Advertising Suite is part of Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform, a set of integrated services and technologies that enable increased ARPU across the entire customer lifecycle – awareness, acquisition, engagement and monetization.

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