Mobile Commerce

Make it easy for subscribers to buy with carrier-stored credit directly through their smartphones

The Syntonic Mobile Commerce Suite

A set of services including Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and integrated wallet that enable flexible payment models including subscriptions, single-item transactions and in-app purchases.
The Syntonic Mobile Commerce Suite reduces merchant financial risk and enables operators and content providers to engage and sell to consumers easily through their smartphones.

Powerful Commerce Engine and Capabilities

A fully functional DCB, the Syntonic Mobile Commerce Suite includes:

Subscription Payments Engine supporting one-time payments, daily/weekly/monthly subscriptions as well as free trial options

Subscriber Lifecycle Management managing regular interval charging, retries for out-of-balance customers and stepdown charging

Detailed Reporting and Analytics with real-time reporting via dashboards and csv downloads

Fraud Protection using machine learning based on already-trained models

Compliance with telco and country-specific guidelines – dramatically reducing merchant onboarding time as compliance is enforced internally


Faster to revenue – dramatically reduce merchant onboarding time

Expertise in promotion and crafting content offerings

Simplify partner management

Unmatched fraud protection

100% adherence to MEF 3.0

The Mobile Commerce Suite is part of Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform, a set of integrated services and technologies that enable increased ARPU across the entire customer lifecycle – awareness, acquisition, engagement and monetization.

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