Monetization App

Capture App Economy Revenue Streams

App bundles provide consumers with unlimited access to popular apps for a fixed daily or monthly fee. A fully configurable, end-to-end solution.

The Problem

Carriers are not fully participating in the app economy

Consumers access the digital world through your network, but mobile data revenue remains stubbornly low-growth while app and digital services revenue soar.

Source: Syntonic analysis

The Solution

App Bundling

The Syntonic Monetization App is a white-labeled service that can be branded by mobile carriers to provide consumers unlimited access to popular apps for a fixed daily or monthly fee.

Customized App Bundles Benefit Consumers and Carriers

Support content subscription bundles with unlimited access for a fixed fee.

With Syntonic, mobile operators can provide unlimited access to virtually any app or mobile website. Syntonic provides the entire unified platform – including mobile commerce (DCB) services – which make it easy and convenient for customers to purchase app bundles using funds available in their carrier prepaid or postpaid account.

All with no modifications to apps or websites.

MobiFone Case Study

MobiFone, one of the leading mobile operators in Vietnam, built its mobifoneGo service entirely on Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform to capture new app economy revenue streams.

mobifoneGo offers consumers unlimited access to popular apps for a fixed daily or monthly fee.

The mobifoneGo service launched with 16 “app bundles,” including popular apps such as WhatsApp, Dropbox, Gmail, Grab, Skype, and Spotify, which can be purchased in either daily or monthly subscription packages. With a content subscription, consumers have unlimited online access to their apps, which does not count against their data plan. The mobifoneGo app is available for download from the Google Play Store and coming soon to the App Store.

Mobile Operator Benefits

Generate revenue from the growing app economy

Provide worry-free app access to mobile customers

Increase engagement

Increase loyalty

Reduce churn

Consumer Benefits

Unlimited access to favorite apps

Fixed price so no surprises on data charges

Daily or monthly subscription options to fit your needs

App bundles for business, entertainment, communication

Easy data-free app download to get started

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