Syntonic Revenue Generation Platform

Syntonic offers the only end-to-end platform to generate more revenue from mobile data and the app economy

Powerful Alone. Better Together.

Spanning mobile advertising through content monetization and mobile commerce, with a carrier-grade service platform at its core.

They’re powerful alone – but even better when used together.

Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform enables app publishers, content providers and advertisers to engage their audience and customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Mobile Advertising

The carrier audience is highly desirable for brands to reach, engage and acquire customers

Sponsored Data

Data Rewards


Content Monetization

Introduce and upsell your customers to popular apps, content and data.

Micro Tariff Plans


Content Bundles

Mobile Commerce

Make it easy for subscribers to buy with mobile currency.

Direct-Carrier Billing

Lifecycle Management


Revenue Generation Platform

All services and hundreds of flexible use cases supported by secure, scalable carrier-grade 4th-generation platform

Integrated and OTT Solutions


Fast Implementation

100% Revenue Assurance

Acquire, Engage, and Monetize Customers in a Single Integrated Revenue Platform.

Carriers increase overall revenue by layering separate revenue streams into a single  integrated platform bigger than the individual parts.

App developers and content providers have all the tools in a single campaign to acquire, engage and monetize customers.

Easy to Deploy. Fast to Revenue.

Quickly and easily setup and deploy campaigns and offers at scale with Syntonic’s platform tools.

Syntonic’s Revenue Generation Platform extends PCRF functionality for new revenue models including advertising, sponsored content and data rewards.

Rewards are earned, stored and redeemed completely within the Syntonic service

Key Features and Benefits

Extensible, 4th-generation mobile platform

Carrier-grade service – high availability, security, scalability and 100% revenue assurance

Tools, components and analytics to meet customized needs and support the entire customer journey and lifecycle

Native browser and application support, without client or network modification

Integrated and OTT operator solutions

GDPR compliant for securing customer data

Seamless and Quick Implementation

Syntonic Monetization App
Standalone white-label app that enables sponsored access and data rewards for any iOS or Android app or website via in-app browser

Syntonic Sponsored Web
Syntonic Sponsored Web™ enables captive portals and sponsored websites using the native browser without any modifications to web content

Syntonic Sponsored App SDK
Integrate the SDK into any 3rd-party app for greater control of the sponsored experience

Key Feature Comparison

Differentiated Advantage

Carrier-Grade Services

Low latency, high availability and global scalability

100% data assurance with 0% data leakage

Management tools

Real-time revenue, cost, and usage analytics

Offer management



Customer billing


Client Components

Available on iPhone and Android smartphones

Supports any app, website and all network protocols including UDP, TLS, IPv6 etc.

Options: white-labeled app, native web browser or app SDK


Three Server Side Deployment Models


Syntonic manages entirely on Amazon Web Services

Rapid deployment




Syntonic manages the service on AWS, but installs the server proxy in the carrier network

Reduces cost

Complies with local regulations on data access


Syntonic installs the service in the carrier data center

All data traffic and user data storage in network

Maximum control for carrier

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